GST Motorsports 2012 GTA Build: The L Chronicles Part 3

17 Feb

“Look ma’ no eyes!”

“Just give me the light”

Intercooler and front splitter support frame.

This scene lasted 37 minutes while Mike decided if he wanted baked beans or potato salad with his steak.

Closer view of the new intercooler piping by the Master Zalo.

“Its so strong it can hold someone THIS big!”- Mike

Originally a solid piece, it was brought up to have a portion removable to make it easier to work on the engine.

Yes ladies, that is the one and only Earl modeling in the fantastic Garrett sponsored work attire.

And for the fellas, yes that is a Garrett GTX turbo. Wicked isn’t it?

“Damn girl, the things I would do to you if no one else was here.” -Mike

Feb. 15th marked a very important date for Mike Warfield, the GST Motorsports team, family and friends. One year ago we lost one of the original members of GST Motorsports and of the Warfield Family. Even though Thugly isn’t physically here with us, he has always been a part of the family and the L and will continue to no matter how many more shapes and forms the L takes on.

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