Global Time Attack 2012 Round 1 Buttonwillow Raceway Part 1

25 Apr

One of the time attack cars I’ve always wanted to see live and photograph is the Sportcar Motion Integra Type-R. Its not your typical Integra with a body kit, big wing and cool wheels, it has all that and the balls to prove the wing is actually useful. Running a 1:56.214 in the Limited FWD class, was enough to back up its good looks and lock in a first round win.

EDGE Motorworks E30 is a force to be reckon with. I first saw their E30 run at last years finale at Infineon Raceway in which they ran not only in the GTA event but just about every other session NASA had going on that weekend, something no other teams were doing. Another surprise for me was that this car runs in the Unlimited RWD Class and finished in 3rd place with a 1:57.756.

With a grocery list of issues and concerns, GST Motorsports had their work cut out for them if they wanted to get the victory in the Unlimited AWD class. Fortunately, a menacing appearance wasn’t anywhere on that list.

Pulling off a temporary brake fix proved to be just enough for Jeff Westphal to get the GST Motorsports “L” “New Dark Knight” down to a 1:46.631, fast enough for a class win and overall fastest time of the event. Many thanks goes out to Tony Szirka from UMS Tuning for whispering brake solutions into Mike Warfield’s ear over Saturday night’s dinner. Time very well spent.

Not 100% sure what happened, but unfortunately Sportcar Motion’s Integra Type-R wasn’t able to run the full weekend. Glad I was there when it did run though.

One of the Unlimited Class Big Boys and Buttonwillow’s current track record holder, FXMD’s NSX is one bad machine. Driven by Billy Johnson, they were able to take first place in the Unlimited RWD class with a 1:49.241. From what I picked up in the pits, it sounded like they had a fuel pump issue along with one or two other bugs cutting their weekend short. Cannot wait to see them on the track again.

Another time attack car I was looking forward to seeing/shooting was the Evasive Motorsports EVO. With a full Voltex widebody kit, Volk TE37SL’s and enough race goodies to hold off any race car fiend, it does not come short of looking great in motion. At one point over the weekend, Michael Chang and Evasive Motorsorts were in first place in their class and had the second fastest time overall. Even with the brutal heat, Michael Chang was able to hold off the competition and take first place in the Limited AWD class with a 1:49.546.

Bringing my first part of coverage of Global Time Attack’s 2012 Round 1 to a close, is FDXMD’s NSX showing off its voluptuous aero.

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  1. Allan Crocket

    April 25, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Love it! Great post


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