Global Time Attack Round 2: Road Atlanta

20 May

I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot the GTA Road Atlanta race a week and a half ago and absolutely loved the experience. I had never been to Georgia (beautiful state and track) let alone Road Atlanta and was expecting a very hot and humid experience. Luckily a storm rolled through right before we got there leaving behind beautiful cool weather. Well enough of my ramble jamble, here’s a few photos of the thousands I took.

Christian Rado in the Unlimited FWD Team Need For Speed Scion tC ran a class winning and class track record 1:25.555.


Jacob Tanaka in the Limited RWD Tanaka Racing Corvette ran a 1:33.689 placing second in his class, unfortunately Tanaka Racing’s weekend didn’t end quite as well as they wanted, but I’m glad Jacob is injury free and hope to see the car back on the track asap.

Jeff Westphal in the Unlimited AWD GST Motorsports Impreza L won his class with a 1:23.628 which was also the fastest time of the event and a new time attack overall track record at Road Atlanta.

Aaron Byram drove the PURE Tuning Honda Civic with a time of 1:36.196 in one of the best looking and meanest looking Civic’s I have ever seen. I really hope to see him run in atleast one more GTA event this year.

Element Tuning’s STI is another eye catcher I was looking forward to seeing in action, unfortunately engine failure ended their weekend a day into the event with their fastest time being a 1:31.586. Also looking forward to seeing them run again at future GTA events.

Kevin Parlett in the Unlimited RWD SOHO Motorsports G35 ran a 1:34.348, the SOHO Motorsports G35 was another victim of Road Atlanta withstanding major damage. Glad everyone came out safe and hopefully they are able to build a new car and get back on the track this year.

Jared Stoops drove the Unlimited RWD AMI Racing GT3 to a time of 1:27.789 winning his class.

Dave Hary in the Limited RWD S-Max Performance S14 ran a 1:56.608.

Bryan Hedian in the Street RWD Wired Race Team S2000 ran a 1:45.701.

Dave Norton in the Limited RWD Spec Clutch 240sx won his class with a 1:33.392 which was just enough to edge Jacob Tanaka out of first place.

Daniel O’Donnell won Street AWD in the Professional Awesome Evo 7 with a 1:32.376.

Luke Crowell ran a 1:54.412 in the Garage Dread 2013 Camaro in Street RWD, according to John Naderi it was a Hertz rental car 🙂

Whit Staples piloted the Unlimited AWD Fortune Auto Evo to a 1:30.293 taking second place in his class.

Wynn Suebhongsang in the Limited FWD Papaya Motorsports Civic were barely edged out of second place with a 1:37.426. Very good battle between him and Todd Reid in the Reid Speed/Fortune Auto Civic.

Matthew Bruek in the iTrack Motorsports Miata ran in the jam packed Street RWD that had 5 cars running. Unfortunately before the weekend even started, someone stole their entire front splitter setup the night before. Props to the team for not letting this didn’t keep them down, they still raced running a 1:50.558. Thieves will get theirs and I’m hoping the iTrack Motorsports Team are able to get a new splitter setup.

Todd Reid in the Reid Speed/Fortune Auto Civic were the team that knocked Wynn Suebhongsang out of second place by .005 of a second with a 1:37.419. Hope to see these two teams duke it out at more GTA events soon.

Billy Aylward in the Limited FWD CRX ran a 1:47.090, I was surprised this car was in the Limited class considering how stock it appeared.

Joe Ippolito won Limited FWD in the 2j-Racing Sentra with a 1:36.092. I was very surprised seeing this car run as I knew nothing about the car going into the weekend. Don’t take the car model name “Sentra” for granted, this bad boy ran a time faster than some of the higher classed entries.

Tony Wiesenhahn drove the Street AWD TurninConcepts RS to a time of 1:356.650 taking second place in his class. It was said, this RS was built with the leftover race parts from their main time attack car. Hoping to see both racing at a future GTA event.

Vince Spadea brought a show car to the race track and would’ve won Street RWD if it weren’t for an illegal cat. I can’t wait for them to get that minor issue fixed and back on the track bringing the competition. Vince was able to achieve a very impressive 1:41.810 in his Zen Motors IS300.

Austin Cabot took second place in the Street RWD Deft Motion S2000 with an 1:42.026. He was one of the unlucky’s that had a little off-track carnage.

Doug Wind in the Street FWD Modern Performance SRT-4 ran a 1:47.432.

Brandon Connelly took third place in Street AWD in the Battleground Evo 8 with a time of 2:04.576. He also won the Synergy Turbo True Street Class Contingency Award and a $500 gift certificate towards a new Synergy turbo which is a very cool reward to win. Can’t wait to see what turbo Brandon picks out.


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  2. Matthew Brueck

    August 17, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome coverage and photos! New splitter has been ordered and we will be hitting the track again next Sunday!


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