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Go Skateboarding Day in Oakland, CA with 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboard

Lately I have been having the urge to shoot skateboarding but unfortunately don’t know anyone that skates. Luckily for me, Go Skateboarding Day was just around the corner. By the power of Facebook, I came across a flyer posted by 510 Skateboarding about an event they were putting together with Hustle Skateboards. What better way to celebrate the day than with a local skateboard shop and company. Their idea was simple, best trick wins. The best part of that idea was that it wasn’t limited to one person winning. Land something nice, here’s a shirt. Up the ante and land something sick, they’d toss you a board. Keep killing it or land that trick that’s been plaguing you, here’s some wheels, goody bag or hat. With the crowd erupting, shirts boards and hats flying this way and that, skaters going bigger and better each run, you would have to be numb to your soul to not feel the energy. I was hoping to score a shirt or two but after seeing a majority of the shirts marked “S” and “M”” I knew I had no business getting one. 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboards did an excellent job putting together this event, so much I wish it was a weekly event just to be able to shoot more of these talented skaters and have a good time.

If you happened to read the above paragraph, the photos below is your reward. And if you didn’t, oh well, hope you enjoy the photos as well.


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TypicaL Weekend

A few months ago I shot some video footage of one of the last off-season weekend’s over at GST Motorsports. I’m really new to video and haven’t had much motivation for it or creativity. Well that dry spell finally broke and I was able to put something together 🙂 But of course I was able to mess that up. In the very beginning of post work, I messed up the settings and (as you’ll see below) all the slidder footage stutters which I found out is called “judders”. If I can find a way to fix my error without having to recreate the whole video, I’ll fix it and re-upload it. If not, its a lesson learned for next time 🙂

TypicaL Weekend from AFL Photography on Vimeo.

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Formula Drift Round 3: Invasion Palm Beach

Finally getting a chance to post up some of my photo coverage from Formula Drift Round 3. Had a great time once again shooting Formula D action and got to push my camera’s ISO to one of its highest settings with pretty acceptable results.






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Global Time Attack Round 3 Palm Beach 2012

Round 3 of Global Time Attack was a quick one. Not only in track times and weather changes, but how fast it came and went. It felt like only a week had gone by since I had landed at the airport coming back from Atlanta. And before I knew it, I was back at the same airport heading home after a quick stint in Florida. But it was a good trip. Met some new people, had good times with friends, experienced Florida’s weather (not a big fan I must say), had my first assistant (more on that below) and got some decent photos.


Unfortunately Round 3 didn’t have quite as many entries as expected. Road Atlanta really liked a few cars and didn’t want them racing anywhere else, selfish track I must say. I am looking forward to those teams coming back with new cars to continue chasing down time and setting records.

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Daily Photo #6



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Formula Drift Palm Beach Top 32 Practice

Had another great experience Formula Drift and Global Time Attack at Palm Beach International Raceway, wish I was shooting more FD events this year but Palm Beach is the last one running the same time as Global Time Attack. Hopefully next year I’ll get to shoot more FD events or get lucky and be able to shoot another FD event this year. I’ll have photo coverage of FD’s competition runs along with Global Time Attack footage up the next day or so, so for now here’s some FD practice footage. I think I actually like the practice runs more, drivers seem to put it out there more and go harder taking chances.



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