Global Time Attack Round 3 Palm Beach 2012

06 Jun

Round 3 of Global Time Attack was a quick one. Not only in track times and weather changes, but how fast it came and went. It felt like only a week had gone by since I had landed at the airport coming back from Atlanta. And before I knew it, I was back at the same airport heading home after a quick stint in Florida. But it was a good trip. Met some new people, had good times with friends, experienced Florida’s weather (not a big fan I must say), had my first assistant (more on that below) and got some decent photos.


Unfortunately Round 3 didn’t have quite as many entries as expected. Road Atlanta really liked a few cars and didn’t want them racing anywhere else, selfish track I must say. I am looking forward to those teams coming back with new cars to continue chasing down time and setting records.




It took less than 5 laps for Jeff Westphal to break and set a new Overall TA Track Record at Palm Beach International Raceway, with a time of 1:16.709. Once again, Jeff won Unlimited AWD and ran the fastest overall time.



Louis Murphy in the Acura Integra took 1st place in the Limited FWD class with a time of 1:34.074.


Cameron Worth made it out Saturday running a 1:28.698 (only 3.5 seconds slower than the previous Overall TA Track record) in the Petit Racing 1994 Mazda RX7 and claimed 1st place in Unlimited RWD.





The Arsenal Autosport Scion FR-S driven by Jon Miller took 4th place in the Street RWD class with a 1:35.744. Not a bad time or place either considering the car was basically stock. Really looking forward to what they have planned for this car. I can see it being a very competitive car in GTA being both affordable, good looking and a good performer.







Ramin Abdolvahabi in the PROS Mitsubishi Evo 8 took 2nd place in Unlimited AWD with a 1:28.685. It was my first time seeing this car run in GTA which was very cool and hope they’re able to make it out to more events in the future.

Possibly a GTA first was a European Battle between Hartmut Feyhl in the Mercedes C63/Renntech C74 and Whit Staples in the Fortune Auto BMW M3 in the Street RWD class.




Hartmut Feyhl was able to hold of Whit Staples with a 1:30.208 to Whit’s 1:31.779 and claim 1st place in Street RWD. I have a feeling these two could become a classic battle at GTA events, which I am all for.








Daniel O’Donnell took 1st place in Street AWD with a time of 1:25.016 in the Professional Awesome Mitsubishi EVO 7.



Dave Norton added another win with a 1:25.186 in the Limited RWD Spec Clutch Nissan 240sx.






Bryan Hedian in the Wired Race Team Honda S2000 put up a good fight in Street RWD despite being a couple hundred horsepower short. A 1:33.948 was his fastest time clinching 3rd place. When Bryan isn’t chasing down C63’s and M3’s, I hear you can find him in the pits and paddocks snatching up models. Not sure which I’d rather do.

So I mentioned in the beginning that I was fortunate enough to have an assistant for Palm Beach, and while he was pretty shy throughout the weekend, I was quick enough one time to get this snap shot of him between sessions. I had asked to join him as the water looked very refreshing in the Florida heat, he advised me I probably wouldn’t like it as much as he did.






I asked Scott what he was working after taking this photo and he told me “Damn kids keep putting gum inside the bumper.” I swallowed my piece of gum and haven’t chewed a piece since.
For those of you that keep up with GTA, you probably remember Rado’s 165mph crash at Road Atlanta. Fortunately the damage was minimal and it turns out duck tape adds 10lbs of downforce per 12in piece.

One class I wish had more participates would be Unlimited FWD. I know Christian Rado has to be getting lonely being the only one usually running in that class. Perhaps Sportcar Motion or Evasive will bring a big bad FWD competitor to go up against Chris and the Team Need for Speed World Racing Scion tC. Chris came really close to cracking the 1:20 barrier with a time of 1:20.810. I was told they had a couple of issues to battle and will have those taken care of in time for New Jersey. I can only imagine what kind of times Chris can hit without anything slowing him down.


Doug Wind is definitely racking up respect points in the Modern Performance Dodge SRT-4. He won Street FWD with a time of 1:30.558, a time faster than some of the upper class entries.



Placing 2nd in Limited FWD was Andrew Meek in the WTDR Honda Civic with a time of 1:38.410.



Overall I feel Palm Beach was a success. There might not have been 30-40 cars entered like previous events, but every car put in some great times and all the work from getting the cars to Florida and ready for each session paid off. Can’t wait for New Jersey, should be some great times on and off the track.

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