Go Skateboarding Day in Oakland, CA with 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboard

23 Jun

Lately I have been having the urge to shoot skateboarding but unfortunately don’t know anyone that skates. Luckily for me, Go Skateboarding Day was just around the corner. By the power of Facebook, I came across a flyer posted by 510 Skateboarding about an event they were putting together with Hustle Skateboards. What better way to celebrate the day than with a local skateboard shop and company. Their idea was simple, best trick wins. The best part of that idea was that it wasn’t limited to one person winning. Land something nice, here’s a shirt. Up the ante and land something sick, they’d toss you a board. Keep killing it or land that trick that’s been plaguing you, here’s some wheels, goody bag or hat. With the crowd erupting, shirts boards and hats flying this way and that, skaters going bigger and better each run, you would have to be numb to your soul to not feel the energy. I was hoping to score a shirt or two but after seeing a majority of the shirts marked “S” and “M”” I knew I had no business getting one. 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboards did an excellent job putting together this event, so much I wish it was a weekly event just to be able to shoot more of these talented skaters and have a good time.

If you happened to read the above paragraph, the photos below is your reward. And if you didn’t, oh well, hope you enjoy the photos as well.



You can’t have a skateboard event without some falls…

Good crowd supporting the skaters.

Some of the gear people won.

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One response to “Go Skateboarding Day in Oakland, CA with 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboard

  1. ellisnelson

    June 25, 2012 at 11:35 am

    Awesome! Very cool moves.


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