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Interview with Mike Warfield of GST Motorsports

Last weekend I had a chance to sit down with Mike Warfield, owner of GST Motorsports and head honcho of their Time Attack Impreza L. I don’t think its horrible for my first interview, but even during the exporting process I already knew what I would change in the next one. Audio is a bit crappy at times, the wind decided to hide when we were testing audio so I got crapped on by mother nature. Next time should be improved though 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

War On Words from SOTA Films on Vimeo.

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Flying Before Crawling

Leonel is 4 months old and has already gone on quite a few adventures in his short span of life. Being his uncle, I haven’t been able to accompany him on some of his previous adventures. When I heard about him going on his first flight I knew I had to capture atleast a small part of it. Would’ve loved to be able to film all the way to the flights gate, but we all know how today’s security is.

Filmed everything with GoPro HD Hero’s in ambient lighting. I probably should’ve filmed in Spot Metering mode but forgot to change (and test before hand) from Center Weighted mode. So unfortunately, its a bit underexposed and grainy. I’m sure someone with actual video editing skills could make it quite a bit better, but for now its a stepping stone. Hopefully my next one is better.

Leonel’s Maiden Voyage from AFL Photography on Vimeo.

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