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034 Motorsport’s Audi TT RS

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get hired to shoot the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill. For those of you not familiar with this race, it is a 25 hour long endurance race. Meaning once the race starts, it does not end for the next 25 hours. And just like you thought as you read that last sentence, it is just as long as it sounds. For drivers and crew members, those 25 hours can be pretty brutal. For a photographer, this race gives you plenty of time and opportunities to get specific shots you’ve always wanted to. I’ll be posting my own recap of the race next week, but for now I have a set of photos from a “mini photoshoot” of one of the competing teams. What do I mean by “mini photoshoot”? Let’s just say I had a few minutes (literally five minutes) to shoot the car with little to no one around the car, minutes before it had to grid and start this 25 hour long race. This particular car is the 034 Motorsport Audi TT RS race car. Coming into the race, it had already established it was going to make it tough for anyone to beat it. I know it ran one of the fastest times the day before if not the fastest time overall. During the race the team continued to bring the fast lap times and even led the race. Unfortunately, a metal shavings in the TT RS’s gearbox prevented the team from completing the race without risking the chance of really doing some costly damage. I hope to see them back at the 25hr next year (hopefully I’ll get to shoot it again), and I hope you enjoy the photos I took minutes before it started its Thunderhill journey.



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