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The R’s Tuning GTR Tease #2


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Daily Photo #12


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We are not alone.


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Go Skateboarding Day in Oakland, CA with 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboard

Lately I have been having the urge to shoot skateboarding but unfortunately don’t know anyone that skates. Luckily for me, Go Skateboarding Day was just around the corner. By the power of Facebook, I came across a flyer posted by 510 Skateboarding about an event they were putting together with Hustle Skateboards. What better way to celebrate the day than with a local skateboard shop and company. Their idea was simple, best trick wins. The best part of that idea was that it wasn’t limited to one person winning. Land something nice, here’s a shirt. Up the ante and land something sick, they’d toss you a board. Keep killing it or land that trick that’s been plaguing you, here’s some wheels, goody bag or hat. With the crowd erupting, shirts boards and hats flying this way and that, skaters going bigger and better each run, you would have to be numb to your soul to not feel the energy. I was hoping to score a shirt or two but after seeing a majority of the shirts marked “S” and “M”” I knew I had no business getting one. 510 Skateboarding and Hustle Skateboards did an excellent job putting together this event, so much I wish it was a weekly event just to be able to shoot more of these talented skaters and have a good time.

If you happened to read the above paragraph, the photos below is your reward. And if you didn’t, oh well, hope you enjoy the photos as well.


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Daily Photo #2

Daily Photo #2 5-3-12

While visiting my brother in Colorado last year, one of the sights we checked out was the Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs. It is absolutely amazing. If your ever in Colorado Springs and have atleast an hour, definitely go check it out.


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Ripon Powerplay Sports Arena: Hockey

Got a chance to play with some new lenses and see how my dad has progressed in his hockey “career”. Whole team looked great out there and played very well pulling off the victory, congrats guys! If your ever in the area and want to check out some roller hockey or even want to sign up, check out Ripon Powerplay Sports Arena. Real nice facility with a lot going on for both players and friends and family cheering them on.

Swanson keeping it out of the reach of the defender.

McNamara planning out the attack down ring.

Dolph breaking away from the defenders.

Swanson making more than just the goalie nervous about his incoming shot.

One of Rambo’s many displays of speed blowing past everyone.

Van Gronigen bringing the speed.

Quick reaction moves kept Menagoski ahead of the game and eye on the puck, unlike the defender heading to the floor.

Eyes on the goal.

Couple of Dolph’s look not many want to deal with.

Van Gronigen keeping his legs fresh after an early goal.

Gonzalez firing one down the ring, glad I wasn’t in his shot’s way.

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Stockton Indoor Sports Complex: Bronze Hockey League Championship Game 2012

Making an offensive push for the goal.

“No passing for you!”

“You look tired, just hang out here for a minute ‘pal.”

One of the key offensive players put on a scoring clinic for the championship game.

One of his many saves.

Whooooppp! Not going that way.

Turning up the juice on defense.

Always focused no matter what.

“Better make sure you know what your getting yourself into coming my way.”

Beating the opposing team to the puck is one of the key aspects a team needs to win it all.

What better reaction can you make after scoring the championship winning goal.

Much deserved respect going to the goalie who kept the puck outside the net when it counted most.

Big celebration and huge smiles after getting that last point to lock in the championship.

Sin Cal, 2012 Bronze Hockey League Champions at Stockton Indoor Sports Complex.

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