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Big Red Attack


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Global Time Attack 2012 Round 1 Buttonwillow Raceway Part 3

Alex Peng in the Limited FWD Novak Racing Honda Civic.

Mike Bonanni in the Street FWD Team Need for Speed Scion tC.

Chris Frick in the Street AWD HG Motorsports Mitsubishi Evo.

Patrick Tam in the Limited RWD DNA Motoring Honda S2000.

Ken Suen in the Godspeed X Sportcar Motion Honda Civic Si

Jacob Tanaka in the Tanaka Racing Chevrolet Corvette.

Carl Rydquist in the Berk Technology BMW 135i

Jeff Westphal trying out the Snail Performance Subaru WRX.

Michael Chang in the Evasive Motorsports Mitsubishi Evo.

Jeff Westphal in the GST Motorsports L.

Chris Rado in the Team Need for Speed WORLD Racing Scion tC.

VJ Mirzayan in the Evolution Racewerks BMW 135i.

Taylor Wilson in the Fat Snail Perfomance Subaru WRX.

Alex Peng in the Novak Racing Honda Civic.

Jacob Tanaka in the Tanaka Racing Chevrolet Corvette.

Thomas Merrill in the AM Racing Nissan 370Z.


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Global Time Attack 2012 Round 1 Buttonwillow Raceway Part 2

My last post was a bit short on material, so I promise to have a few more photos in this one and other upcoming posts.

Can’t go wrong with an action shot of the Evasive Motorsports EVO.

Snail Performance is one of the teams bringing multiple cars to compete in different classes. The car above happens to be their Unlimited AWD WRX that has a few new upgrades this year and one of the most eye catching liveries. Battling the heat and a few bugs, Snail Performance’s WRX was able to take second place with a 1:59.367. Once they get those bugs worked out, this WRX should be one of the fastest cars on track.

When it comes to time attack racing, there is one name that has a strong presence, Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada. Tarzan is one of the fastest, craziest, skilled drivers out there. He’s made it his specialty to do minimal laps in a car and still set records. So when you hear he’s going to be driving at an event, you know that team has brought something serious. Platte Forme a.g. has definitely brought a serious piece of machinery. I’m hoping to see them at atleast one more event this year, that way I can put my shyness behind me and talk to the crew to see what all has been done to their BMW M3 running in the Limited RWD class.

The very first time attack race I attended was at Willowsprings Raceway back when Redline Time Attack was around a couple years ago. Even then the Evolution Racewerks BMW 135i caught my attention right away. Here was this BMW, that had recently came out, already decked out in full race trim. Fast forward a couple years later and this 135i is still stealing my attention span from the other cars. VJ Mirzayan took second place in the Street RWD class with a 1:57.438 and also snagged a Synergy Turbo gift certificate in the process. Looks like this 135i will be adding another reason to steal spectators attention this season.

Unfortunately Round 1 didn’t have any wheel-to-wheel racing, but that didn’t stop some drivers from giving the crowd a great show.

Looking very good and taking first place in the Street FWD was Ken Suen in the Godspeed X Sportcar Motion Honda Civic Si with a time of 2:01.872. One of the great things about the Street Class is that you don’t need to have a full blown race car and big budget to get into time attack racing. Ken Suen and the Godspeed X Sportcar Motion Honda Civic Si did a great job showing what a popular street car can accomplish on the track and I look forward to seeing many more teams bring everyday street cars and begin their time attack careers in the Global Time Attack Street Class.

GTA Round 1 was quite a few things, one thing it was for sure was surprising. Project Import definitely turned a few heads when it went from running a widebodied S2000 to an open-wheeled S2000. Literally.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to make it to the first round of GTA, your in good hands with numerous professional photographers and videographers covering the entire event from start to finish. These guys came well-equipped for getting the best shots of the weekend.

While most teams were focused on fast lap times and breaking records, Snail Performance decided to add another goal to the list. Unorthodox sponsor placement.

Carl Rydquist not only took first place in Street RWD with a 1:56.591, but he also managed to shave off an additional 4+ seconds (1:52.487) by switching tires and running in the Limited RWD class in the Berk Technology BMW 135i.

I was really glad to see Apollo Performance have a successful weekend with their Subaru WRX. The last time I saw them run, luck wasn’t on their side and battled through a few issues. This time, the car looked to run real good allowing Clint Boisdeau to run the third fastest Street Class time and win the Street AWD class with an 1:58.412.

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